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From Director’s Desk

Welcome to MIT Polytechnic. Today, we find incredible social, economical, cultural and political changes emerging all over the globe. Titanic developments in science and technology have changed the world to the concept of a ‘Global Village.’ The Socio-economic growth of the 21st century will be controlled by technology revolution. The supremacy of our country in the field of technology in terms of quality has already been adequately demonstrated to the world. World wide our human resource is in great demand. A humungous and gigantic task, which we aim to tackle, by educating men and women and preparing them for the global demand.

Our professional method of imparting education and our teaching capabilities are impeccable. Conscientious efforts are taken by the faculty members to transform students into distinguished human beings. The institute further aims to be a ‘Center of Excellence in Education and Research.’ With a sprawling campus at the foothill of the verdant green hills of Pune, an infrastructure that matches international standards, an ultra modern wi fi connectivity that keeps you in pace with the happenings around the world, MAEER’s MIT Polytechnic offers the best in the field education.

I am confident that this place will fulfill your dreams of a brilliant career.

I have no doubt that our students would attain high levels of educational and professional achievements.

Prof. Dr. Mangesh Karad
Secretary & Trustee
Executive Director