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Civil is known as mother branch of all engineering field .We have built dynamic engineers since our inception in 2004.Civil is multi faceted, multi function, value driven engineering branch.

Civil Engineering is the most Versatile and Core branch of Engineering comprising of structural Design & Analysis, surveying, geotechnical, irrigation, transportation etc. Increasing Competition and Complex Technological Breakthrough has widened the scope of Civil Engineering Branch. Civil Engineering is basic to any kind of construction as industrial, commercial, residential in general. Civil Engineering finds wide applications in all fields of technology. Civil Engineers will also be recruited in government sectors like NTPC, Research and Development organizations, Space research programs, State PWDs, Military officers, IAS, IPS, and IES officers etc.

Civil Engineering is the science of applying concepts for improving quality of life. It essentially deals with application of technology. Here ideas & creativity matter a lot to develop efficient engineers. At our department we take our students through both these realms. While on one hand, we ensure clarity of the basic concepts of science, on the other hand we encourage students to look at practical needs from different angles and find innovative and creative solutions.


With the increasing infrastructure development we are focused on learning based on credibility, integrity, principle and core values of the civil engineering.