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HOS Profile

Prof. Mr. Sunil S. Karad

(FY Co-ordinator and HOS Physics Section)

HOS Profile: First year Department of our institute constitutes four subject sections; namely Physics sections, Chemistry Section, Mathematics and the English Section, all first year related subjects and 590 students and sixteen faculties dealing the four first year theory subjects and all the supporting staff working for first year. The strength is more than total the strength of five departments of our institute and that would suffice you why the applied science department has been functioning as four different subject sections and different subject section head and being coordinated by the FY Coordinator.
In the year 2012-13, understanding the academic need for continuous development of the quality teaching learning process of matriculated students, Hon. Executive Director of MAEER MIT Group of Institutions Dr. Prof. Mangesh T.Karad Sir, restructured the Applied Science Department into four sections under the four Head of Subjects ,in order to modernise and liberalise the quality learning of first year students and the knowledge enhancement and qualitative development of the respective subject faculty and staff.
Prof.Dr.Mr. Sunil S. Karad is the FY coordinator and the Head of Physics Subject. He handles total first year coordination, admission procedure, Sports and Monitoring committee ,all MSBTE and DTE related work of the Institute. A different approach of collaborative practical sessions is adopted by the faculty for the students to bridge the gap between theory and practicals.
Prof.Mr.Snehal Wagh has registered for PhD with North Maharashtra University. Prof.Mr.Snehal Wagh,Prof.Mr.RajuIngale,Prof.Mrs.Padmashree Pathak are the faculty members of the Physics section and Mrs. Jayashri Munde,Mrs. Ujjwala Patil are lab assistants of the Physics section.

Prof.Mrs. Nilima Chivate
(HOS Mathematics Section)

Prof.Mrs. Nilima Chivate, is the Head of Mathematics Subject and has introduced practicals of Mathematics subject for cultivating mathematical aptitude of the students as well as curbing the stress and fear caused by the subject. The unique method of formula quiz is applied for helping students memorise the important formula of mathematics. Even extra sessions are arranged for special preparation of the students. Prof.Mr.Vinayak Nirmale, Prof.Ms.Swati Patil and Prof.Mrs.Anagha Mahajan are the faculties for Mathematics.

Prof.Mrs. Pratibha Jagtap
(HOS English & Communication Skills Section)

Prof.Mrs. Pratibha Jagtap ,is the Head of English and Communication skills subject. For the better ,and optimum utilisation of available resources, and for the students’ English Language Development, under our Honourable Executive Director Dr. Prof. Mangesh Karad sir’s guidance and motivation, our English Section introduced one month long ‘Language Development Program’ for the first year students using available language lab software and available books of language lab library. In the very introduction, total 165 students registered for the program, and the demand for such program is queuing up. Another activity undertaken by all the faculties to improve the students’ performance in the exam was that of ‘Gurukul method’ where every Saturday and Sunday special sessions were arranged to minimize the fear of English and as a result almost all ten of our first year classes recorded above 90% result of English subject, in the First Semester Examination conducted by MSBTE.
Prof.Mr.Sandeep Pagar,Prof.Mr.Bhagwat Biradi and Prof.Ms.Mayuri Waghmare are the faculties of English Section.Mrs.Manjusha Shirsath is the Lab assistant of the English Communication Laboratory.

Prof.Mrs.Abhilasha Dama
(HOS Chemistry Section)

Prof.Mrs.Abhilasha Dama is the Head of Chemistry Subject and has introduced new techniques of making learning chemistry interesting and has implemented new methods to utilise free laboratory hours for this purpose. , Prof. Mrs. Kashmiri Khamkar, and Prof.Ms. Benzir Pirjade are the faculties working in the Chemistry Section. Mrs. Manisha Nagargoje and Mr. Deshpande are the Lab assistants of Chemistry Section. The faculties of chemistry are always keen to acquire and abreast themselves by the latest knowledge by attending the seminars and conferences .In the academic year 2012-13 the faculties attended the national seminar “ New challenges in chemistry and Nano science” , “ Nanocon 2012 ”.The students who have failed in Basic Chemistry are asked to solve the previous question papers and the faculties also try their best to explain the topics in detail again in the lab.

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